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We pay £5.75 per kg! 

Looking to sell your LEGO?

If you are looking to get some cash for your LEGO sell it with BrickBaseUK.


Not sure of hidden fees when selling online?

Don’t know how much postage will be?

Incomplete set?

Missing parts? 

Don’t worry!


We buy loose LEGO by the kilo so it doesn’t have to be colour coordinated, split down into sets or organised by part!


Just make sure the LEGO you want to sell is genuine and in good condition.


Fill out the enquiry form below to get started. Once we’ve reviewed the information and pictures we’ll let you know about the next steps so you can send us your LEGO.


How it works

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Snap it!

Take a picture of the LEGO you want to sell. Make sure it's in good condition and genuine LEGO.

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Weigh it!

Pack your LEGO into a suitable box and weigh it so we can generate a FREE postage label.

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Send it!

Print out your label and drop it off.
Once we've received and quality checked your LEGO we'll send you the money!

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Simply fill out the form below to register your interest in selling your LEGO.


Once we have reviewed your request we’ll get back in touch with you and let you know the next steps.


Please ensure you fill in all of your contact details correctly and read through the conditions at the bottom of the page.


We will send any payouts through PayPal – please check you give us the right email address!


We sell LEGO!

Looking to buy some LEGO?

Need to replace a missing part?


Head over to our BrickLink store to buy loose LEGO pieces.


There’s not minimum order so even if you just need one part you can buy from our store!


We sell parts & minifigures.



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